30 September, 2014

"Think of all the beauty
still left around you
and be happy."

~ Anne Frank ~

27 September, 2014

"If you're going to do something,
do your best."

~ Blake Griffin ~
Basketball Player

26 September, 2014

If what you're doing today
is taking you closer to your dreams,
keep going.
If not, change something.

24 September, 2014

"Challenges are what make life interesting
and overcoming them
is what makes life meaningful."

~ Joshua J. Marine ~

23 September, 2014

If you think you have
nothing to be grateful for,
check your pulse.

22 September, 2014

My self-worth
is not founded
on the pleasuring of others.

20 September, 2014

Tedious tasks
can be turned into
interesting efficiency experiments.

17 September, 2014

Do no let negative emotions
link with tasks.

16 September, 2014

A good attitude
makes everything better.

15 September, 2014

Just because you're given a cactus,
doesn't mean you have to sit on it.

13 September, 2014

"80% of success
is showing up."

~ Woody Allen ~

10 September, 2014

If the dream's big enough,
the facts don't count.

09 September, 2014

"We can't help everyone,
but everyone can help someone."

~ Ronald Reagan ~
40th U.S. President

08 September, 2014

"Attitude is a little thing
which makes a big difference."

~ Winston Churchill ~
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

06 September, 2014

"Discipline is the bridge
between goals
and accomplishment."

~ Jim Rohn ~

03 September, 2014

"Leadership is a choice,
not a position."

~ Stephen Covey ~

02 September, 2014

"Opportunity is missed by most people
because it is dressed in overalls
and looks like work."

~ Thomas A. Edison ~

01 September, 2014

"It is not how much we have,
but how much we enjoy,
which makes happiness."

~ Charles Spurgeon ~