30 July, 2014

Never give up
on something you really want.
It's difficult to wait
but more difficult to regret.

29 July, 2014

Sometimes you fall down,
because there is something down there
that you are supposed to find.

28 July, 2014

"Don't worry if you're making waves,
simply by being yourself.
The moon does it all the time."

~ Scott Stabile ~
Writer & actor

27 July, 2014

Problems are like washing machines.
They twist, they spin and knock us around.
But in the end we come out cleaner,
brighter and better than before.

26 July, 2014

Don't mistake excellence
for skill or talent.

23 July, 2014

Some people are diamonds,
others are coal.
But with a push,
they too can develop
into diamonds.

~ Joss Terrell ~

22 July, 2014

A stranger is usually
just a friend you haven't met yet.

21 July, 2014

"Change the changeable,
accept the unchangeable,
and remove yourself
from the unacceptable."

~ Denis Waitley ~
Speaker & Writer

20 July, 2014

"The most rewarding things
you do in life
are often the ones
that look like
they cannot be done."

~ Arnold Palmer ~
Pro Golfer

19 July, 2014

"The only limit
to our realization of tomorrow
will be our doubts of today."

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt ~
US President

16 July, 2014

"Sometimes good things fall apart
so better things can fall together."

~ Marilyn Monroe ~
Actress, model & singer

15 July, 2014

"Your present circumstances
don't determine where you can go;
they merely determine
where you start."

~ Nido Qubein ~
Author & speaker

13 July, 2014

"If you fail
you have two options:
give up or try again."

~ Danny Macaskill ~
Trials Cyclist

12 July, 2014

Two things required to succeed,
confidence and persistence.

09 July, 2014

"Sometimes, competitiveness
is the only edge you need."

~ Sally Fitzgibbons ~

08 July, 2014

"Don't just show up,
step up!"

~ Kevin Harris ~

07 July, 2014

06 July, 2014

is what survives
when what has been learned
has been forgotten."

~ B. F. Skinner ~

05 July, 2014

"Life begins
at the end
of your comfort zone."

~ Neale Donald Walsch ~

02 July, 2014