31 May, 2014

Success occurs
when your dreams
get bigger than your excuses.

28 May, 2014

"The two most important days in your life
are the day you are born
and the day you find out why."

~ Mark Twain ~
Author and humorist

27 May, 2014

Sometimes we're tested.
Not to show our weaknesses,
but to discover our strengths.

26 May, 2014

The voice in your head
which says that you can't do this...
is a liar!

25 May, 2014

We never lose friends,
we simply learn
who the real ones are.

24 May, 2014

"What we see
depends mainly on
what we look for."

~ John Lubbock ~
Banker & Politician

21 May, 2014

"The less you talk,
the more you're listened to."

~ Pauline Phillips ~
Columnist & Radio Show Host

19 May, 2014

Success is not in never falling,
but in always rising again.

18 May, 2014

The world is full
of nice people,
if you can't find one...
be one!

17 May, 2014

"Deciding what not to do
is just as important as
deciding what to do."

~ Steve Jobs ~
Inventor, Co-founder Apple Inc.

11 May, 2014

"Failure is the opportunity
to begin again
more intelligently."

~ Denis Waitley ~
Speaker & author

10 May, 2014

"The question isn't
who's going to let me;
it's who's going to stop me."

~ Ayn Rand ~

06 May, 2014

"When everything seems to be going against you,
remember that the airplane takes off
against the wind, not with it."

~ Henry Ford ~
Founder of the Ford Motor Company

05 May, 2014

"Positive anything
is better than
negative nothing."

~ Elbert Hubbard ~
Writer & philosopher

04 May, 2014

Respect yourself enough
to walk away from anything
that no longer serves you,
grows you,
or makes you happy.

03 May, 2014

Life is a boomerang,
what you give,
you get.