27 February, 2014

"Most people rust out
due to lack of challenge.
Few people rust out
due to overuse."

~ Denis Waitley ~
Speaker and writer

26 February, 2014

"A winner
is just a loser
who tried one more time."

~ George M. Moore, Jr. ~

25 February, 2014

"Laugh and the world laughs with you.
Snore and you sleep alone."

~ Anthony Burgess ~
Writer and composer

24 February, 2014

Be someone
who makes someone else
look forward to tomorrow.

21 February, 2014

"Don't watch the clock;
do what it does.
Keep going."

~ Sam Levenson ~

20 February, 2014

"If I take care of my character,
my reputation will take care of me."

~ Dwight L. Moody ~
Evangelist and publisher

19 February, 2014

"I am thankful
for all of those
who said 'NO' to me.
It's because of them
I'm doing it myself."

~ Albert Einstein ~
Theoretical physicist and violinist

18 February, 2014

What you think of yourself
is much more important
than what other people think of you.

17 February, 2014

"It is easier
to go down a hill
than up it,
but the view
is much better
at the top."

~ Henry Ward Beecher ~

14 February, 2014

"Things work out best
for those who
make the best of
how things work out."

~ John Wooden ~

13 February, 2014

"When in argument,
you feel like taking
the wind out of their sails,
it is a better idea
to take your sails
out of their wind."

~ David Walsh ~

12 February, 2014

"Kindness is in our power,
even when fondness is not."

~ Samuel Johnson ~
Actor and Radio Presenter

10 February, 2014

"People fall down,
Winners get up,
Gold medal winners just get up faster."

~ Bonnie St. John ~
Paralympic ski racer

07 February, 2014

It sounds so easy,  maybe it is:
Stop doing the things that bring pain.
Start doing the things that bring happiness.

06 February, 2014

"Do not go where the path may lead,
go instead where there is no path
and leave a trail."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~
Essayist, lecturer, and poet

05 February, 2014

"This is impossible.
I may as well get started."

~ Bonnie St. John ~

Paralympic skier

03 February, 2014

"Character is the ability
to carry out a good resolution
long after the excitement
of the moment has passed."

~ Cavett Robert ~