20 December, 2013

"When a thing is done,
it's done.
Don't look back.
Look forward
to your next objective."

~ George C. Marshall ~
World War II America Soldier

19 December, 2013

You know all those things
you always wanted to do?

You should do them!

18 December, 2013

"Always do your best.
What you plant now,
you will harvest later."

~ Og Mandino ~

17 December, 2013

"Stop focusing on no mess
and instead focus on progress."

~ Bob Andrews ~

16 December, 2013

"A true friend
never gets in your way
unless you happen
to be going down."

~ Arnold H. Glasow ~

13 December, 2013

Climb mountains,
not so the world can see you,
but so you can see the world.

12 December, 2013

11 December, 2013

"If everyone is moving forward together,
then success takes care of itself."

~ Henry Ford ~
Ford Motor Company Founder

09 December, 2013

"If everyone is thinking alike,
then somebody isn't thinking."

~ George S. Patton ~
US Army General

05 December, 2013

"Don't allow your personal bitterness
to make you an unjust judge."

~ TD Jakes ~

04 December, 2013

I can see the worst in you
and yet still believe the best for you.

03 December, 2013

I'd rather have
a life of 'oh wells'
than a life of 'what ifs.'

02 December, 2013

"Always hold your head up,
but be careful to keep
your nose at a friendly level."

~ Max L. Forman ~