27 February, 2013

Life is like photography.
You use the negatives to develop.

26 February, 2013

It's not a question of
'Can I?' but
'How can I?'.

25 February, 2013

"Never interrupt someone
doing what you said
couldn't be done."

~ Amelia Earhart ~

20 February, 2013

‎"It is what we know already
that often prevents us from learning."

~ Claude Bernard ~

19 February, 2013

‎"The kind of humour I like
is the thing that makes me laugh
for 5 seconds
and think for ten minutes."

~ William Davis ~

13 February, 2013

You will never know your limits
unless you push yourself to them.

11 February, 2013

"We can't help everyone,
but everyone can help someone."

~ Ronald Reagan ~

10 February, 2013

"The only way
to enjoy anything
in this life
is to earn it first."

~ Ginger Rogers ~

09 February, 2013

‎"A successful man
is one who can
lay a firm foundation
with the bricks
others have thrown at him."

~ David Brinkley ~

06 February, 2013

"The only way of discovering
the limits of the possible
is to venture a little way past them
into the impossible."

~ Arthur C. Clarke ~

05 February, 2013

Be a Fruit Loop
in a world
full of Cheerios.

04 February, 2013

"Sometimes all you need
is 20 seconds of insane courage,
just literally 20 seconds
of embarrassing bravery
and I promise you
something great will come of it."

~ Benjamin Mee - We Bought A Zoo ~

03 February, 2013

"He has the most
who is most content
with the least."

~ Diogenes ~

02 February, 2013

"From what we get in life,
we make a living.
From what we give,
we make a life."

~ Arthur Ashe ~