31 October, 2012

"When wealth is lost, nothing
is lost; when health is lost,
something is lost; when
character is lost, all is lost."

~ Billy Graham ~

30 October, 2012

27 October, 2012

"The richest place on the
planet is not a diamond
mine or an oil field. It is a
cemetery because in the
cemetery because there
you will find books that
were never written, music
that was never played,
leadership that the world
has never been exposed to.
Do not take your
dreams to the grave!"

~ Les Brown ~

26 October, 2012

Only you can control
your destiny, take charge
of your future like you
want it to happen. Doors
open and close, but you
have to put your hand
on the door knob to
make it open or close.

25 October, 2012

The only way to truly be
yourself is to get to that
place where you don't
have to be anyone else.

24 October, 2012

"Whatever you are,
be a good one."

~ Abraham Lincoln ~

23 October, 2012

You try, you fail, you try,
you fail, but the only
time you really fail is
when you stop trying.

22 October, 2012

"Eighty percent of
success is showing up."

~ Woody Allen ~

16 October, 2012

Perfection is not
practical or possible.
Mistakes are there
to be made and
to be learnt from.

15 October, 2012

"It always seems
impossible until
it's done."

~ Nelson Mandela ~

14 October, 2012

"Oh God, to reach the point
of death only to realize
you have never lived."

~ Henry David Thoreau ~

13 October, 2012

You can only be a leader
when people choose to
follow you. So live for them
and they will live for you.
Take the lead but
use gentle hands.

Create footsteps that are
easy for others to follow and
easy for them to step in.

11 October, 2012

"Fortune sides with
him who dares."

~ Virgil ~

10 October, 2012

"It is always better to
imitate a successful man
than to envy him."

~ Napoleon Hill ~

09 October, 2012

"The trouble with most
of us is that we would
rather be ruined by praise
than saved by criticism."

~ Norman Vincent Peal ~

08 October, 2012

"I'd rather be a failure
at something I enjoy
than be a success at
something I hate."

~ George Burns ~

04 October, 2012

If you want to do
something you’ll find a way,
if not you’ll find an excuse.

03 October, 2012

"Whenever you are asked
if you can do a job, tell
'em, 'Certainly I can!'
Then get busy and find
out how to do it."

~ Theodore Roosevelt ~

02 October, 2012

Negative: "It’s too hard!"
Positive: "You can do hard things."

01 October, 2012

No matter what you
may say, it’s your actions
that speak for you!