15 July, 2012

Go the Distance

in Every Area of Your Life

Building endurance isn't just necessary in sports. It’s an important life skill for all endeavors. As ultra-marathoner Marshall Ulrich points out, "Even raising kids is an endurance event." How do you go the distance when the odds seem impossible? More important, how do you break through what you think are your limits? Ulrich has some simple yet profound advice for sports...and for life:

WHATEVER YOUR GOAL IS, start small and slowly expand. If you're trying a new sport, do it once a week; then keep building on that little by little.

STAY FOCUSED on the process, not so much the end goal, and think about how it's going to enrich your life.

KNOW LIMITATIONS are only in your mind. If you don't think you can do something, then you won't do it. But if you believe, you can make it happen.

DON'T BUY INTO preconceived ideas, your own or anybody else's. Think beyond barriers. There really isn't anything you can't do.

—D.H. SUCCESS July 2012
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