15 March, 2012

Born to Dream

Rollan A. Roberts II

What would you be or do if you know you could not fail? How would you live if time and money were no object? What are you so passionate about that sleep escapes you? Rollan A. Roberts II dynamically conveys what dreams are, what they are not, and how to achieve yours in Born to Dream. In this powerful, hard-hitting read, Rollan helps you to define your dream, achieve it, and keep it alive. Learn why people give up on their dreams and the attributes of successful dreamers. Born to Dream will bring clarity to your life's purpose and the dreams within you like no other book you've read. Born to Dream will inspire you to pursue your dreams with everything you are, have, and hope to be. This thrilling book is for champions you were Born to Dream.

You will discover:
  • 10 questions you can ask to define your dreams
  • 7 step play-by-play for achieving your dreams
  • 10 ways to keep your dream alive
  • 27 reasons people quit pursuing their dreams
  • 5 attributes of a champion

"Dreams are a form of goal setting. Without our dreams, we have no reason to move forward. Born to Dream motivates its readers to dream big and follow through to reach success."
Shannon Miller Olympic Gymnast.