12 May, 2011

Sitting is Killing You! I recently change to a standing desk at home, and will do so at work now I've seen the research: http://ht.ly/4SGvc

06 May, 2011

"Your field of vision
is too often limited by
your experience instead
of being guided by
your imagination."

~ Les Brown ~

05 May, 2011

If you never go too far,
you will never realize
how far you can go.

04 May, 2011

If you always do what you
always did, you’ll always
get what you always got.

03 May, 2011

"Fear is shadow,
not substance."

~ Judo Master Han ~

02 May, 2011

"A happy person is not
a person in a certain set
of circumstances, but
rather a person with a
certain set of attitudes."
~ Hugh Downs ~