15 November, 2010

November 2010

"If you RSVP a wedding, nothing gets in the way"...so, when I RSVP my life or my dreams, NOTHING SHOULD GET IN THE WAY!

Often when you have a dream someone, with great intentions, will often derail you. Why? Not because they don't want you to succeed, but because they don't want you to get hurt. Nor do they want to be left behind. You see, if you decide you're taking the first step, who ever you tell won't be comfortable enough to take it with you and they don't want to be left behind, therefore they will try to stop you.

Yes, it's well intended for both you and them, but in reality, it will kill you. "Don't get sidetracked by a mediocre life!"

Imagine for a moment, if time and money posed no obstacle, what 10 things would you most want to have in your life?
Easy?...what about the top 100?

Here's the first step in becoming successful; find a dream, a reason to move from where you are - it's got to be big, because at the moment, you're real stuck!

Once you've got it, be careful..."the people you listen to will conduct your future and they can only conduct what they know". What do you need to do now? Be an M&M; Mad & Motivated!

How many people know what your dream is? Not many? Why!?

TELL THEM, Tell everyone! Make your dream public knowledge, if you're excited, they get excited, if they're excited you'll be more excited. If nothing else, it's self talk.

Remember, "Everything rises and falls on leadership, don't worry about what you're followers are doing, you go out and do what needs to be done. Business and life is totally leadership driven."