08 November, 2014

“A leader is one
who knows the way,
goes the way,
and shows the way.”

~ John C. Maxwell ~

04 November, 2014

Making a mistake
doesn't make you a failure.
Staying in a mistake
makes you one.

31 October, 2014

If something doesn't challenge you,
it doesn't change you.

29 October, 2014

"The what if's
and should have's
will eat your brain."

~ John O'Callaghan ~

28 October, 2014

Compliment people.
Magnify their strengths,
not their weaknesses.

22 October, 2014

"It's not the load that breaks you down,
it's the way you carry it."

~ Lena Horne ~

20 October, 2014

"You'll turn out ordinary
if you're not careful."

~ Ann Brashares ~
Film writer